How Do You Wear A Large Scarf Ring?

Here are some tips from my friend Marla who was so kind to provide some great pictures for our readers.

Non-H Scarf Ring

Here is how Marla wears her scarves with a large scarf ring. Marla also provided some insight on scarf rings as she is a vintage scarf collector. Marla writes: “I love scarves and have started collecting vintage silk scarves. But in order to achieve all the looks and wraps possible, you need scarf rings. I had a hard time sourcing scarf rings and wasn’t going to pay $180 for a Hermes palladium ring that would be too heavy to hold the scarf anyway! I’m so happy I discovered Joie De Vivre scarf rings! They are the perfect size and lightweight enough to create a multitude of looks with my scarves, and hold much more securely and with more precision than knots. The price and the service are wonderful!”

Chaine D'AncreThanks to Marla for providing us with her pictures and tips on how to wear scarf rings!

I also like this look that Marla has put together, with a chaine d’ancre scarf ring. She has taken a beautiful vintage scarf and paired it was a simple horn ring. This pairing includes a 35″ square silk scarf with a Chaine d’AncrChaine D'Ancre Scarf Ringe scarf ring. How simple but elegant. Great work Marla!

Here is another great look with a 35″ square silk scarf and a simple chaine d’ancre horn ring. This look would be great under a blazer or with a simple blouse or sweater. It really looks chic and classy. I love it! And don’t you love Marla’s collection of vintage scarves! She has such great taste!

Marla looks super cute with this big bow tie look. It is very playful and cute!

The bow tie is really easy to do but looks like a complex knot. It can spice up any simple outfit and take you from day to night. I love using colorful and intricate Chaine D'ancre bow tiescarves for this type of knot because it can take it down to a simpler look or toned down version.

Then we have the chaine d'ancreover the shoulder wrap. I have never been able to get this wrap looking as great at Marla has it here and I think it has something to do with the scarf and scarf ring she pairs it with. The wrap would be a great look for a cooler summer evening or even a more formal event. Whether it be day or night, this look would take you through both.

This next knot is one that is almost a mix of the ascot knot and private school tie. I love the horn color mixed with the vintage Louis Vuitton scarf. The horn colored scarf rings just seem to go well with everything, especially the ones that are translucent in color. You will sometime find scarf rings that are supposed to be horn but they melt under a lighter and this is when you know that they aren’t horn. Horn willchaine d'ancre smolder but it will not melt. Just some food for thought :)

This knot (on the right) is like the twice around ascot knot, held tight with a scarf ring. It would be great under a coat with a small collar or even with a simple sweater.

Then we have a 28″ X 70″ pashmina with the large ring (this is the green pashmina at the top of the page also).  This scarf is quite large and sometimes when we tie knots with these scarves, they can be big and bulky. This is where scarf rings are a great accessory! Marla does a great job of pairing this large scarf with a large scarf ring. The larger scarf rings work great with bigger scarves made of pashmina, wool or even cashmere. They are a great accessory to have on hand and there are lots of options for how to wear them.

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